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The World Book Difference
Education is World Book’s commitment and its editorial team is World Book’s strength. Each team member is dedicated to producing accurate and unbiased information by utilizing contemporary technological tools and following traditional practices of editorial excellence. For more than 100 years, World Book has promoted learning for the entire family through a range of products in which complex topics are concisely explained and vividly illustrated. An explicit goal is to help increase both reading fluency and comprehension in young readers. World Book will remain a trusted and useful resource at home, in the library, and in the classroom for years to come. Topics Covered are: 1.Magnets all around.,2.Magnets and Materials.,3.Finding out about poles.,4.Invisible Forces.,5.What is magnetic field.,6.Earth’s magnetic field.,7.Making magnets.,8.Compasses through the ages.,9.Making a compass.10.Electromagnets.,11.Magnets in the scrapyard.,12.Build your own magnetic crane.,13.Electric buzzers.,14.What is a solenoid?.15.Solenoids at work.,16.Metal Detectors.,17.Magnets and electric motor.,18.Inside a generator.,19.Floating Magnets.,20.Magnetic trains.,21.Superconductors.,22.Electromagnetic radiations.,23.Atoms and light.,24.The Speed of Light.,25.Colours and wavelength.,26.The Electromagnetic spectrum.,27.Glossary. Titles in the Series:
01. Atoms and Molecules.
02. Construction.
03. Energy.
04. Gases.
05. Human Body.
06. Light and Electricity.
07. Magnetic Power.
08. Plants.
09. Space Technology.
10. Water.

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