Britannica Advantage – Book Features

  • Indepth knowledge and complete truly understanding of science and mathematics
  • No mug-ups, no burden just browse and learn
  • Minimum expected learning at the respective level for the International Competence
  • Britannica work books with exercise and solutions for the through revision of subject
  • Reviewed and commenced by the distinguished subject experts, school teachers and educationalists.
  • Ergonomic and activity bases learning
  • Helpful to teachers, students and parents
  • Lucid language, simple presentation with attractive printing and binding
  • Encyclopedia Britannica student suite available for Std. VIVIIVIIIIXX.

Why should you purchase Encyclopaedia Britannica Student Suite?

After completion of your Secondary School and Higher Secondary Education you are supposed to attempt various types of Common Entrance Test ( CET ) according to career you choose. These CETs are conducted Globally as well as in India by premier B-schools, Corporate Houses, Direct recruitment in Banks, Public Sector  Organizations, Army etc.

The pattern of CET is based on Test of Reasoning (TORA), Test of Numerical Ability (TONA), Test of English (Tofel) and Qualitative Quantitative Ability / Analysis (QQA).

The central idea behind conducting these tests is to find out whether you indeed have the requisite breadth if vision, how deep you can think, decision making and innovation. In short, after leaving school you are expected to have substantially broader perspective by the time you are due to appear for these types of examinations. Secondly, though school plays vital role in your educational  life, your secondary school and higher secondary marks alone can’t be sufficed for entry to the Prime Educational Institutes and Corporate Houses, where actually your career building process starts.

Encyclopedia Britannica Student Suite are prepared keeping in mind the above facts. The idea in presenting these books to you is to enable you to sharpen your analytical ability, to understand, increase and create your subject interest, to simplify core and complex concepts to make your education a pleasure, and lastly to make you competent and confident to crack any such test (CETs) in future with minimum use of pen and paper.