Encyclopedia Britannica Class VII

  1. Biology – The Living Body – Lesson Book
  2. Biology – The Living Body – Work Book
  3. Biology – Life Process – Lesson Book
  4. Biology – Life Process – Work Book
  5. Physics – The World of Energy – Lesson Book
  6. Physics – The World of Energy – Work Book
  7. Chemistry – States of Matter – Lesson Book
  8. Chemistry – States of Matter – Work Book
  9. Algebra – Lesson  Book
  10. Algebra – Work Book
  11. Arithmetic – 1 – Lesson Book.
  12. Arithmetic – 2- Lesson Book.
  13. Arithmetic 1 and 2 – Work Book
  14. Geometry 1 – Lesson Book
  15. Geometry 1 – Work Book
  16. Geometry 2 – Lesson Book
  17. Geometry 2 – Work Book

About the Book:
The books carry the stamp of approval of distinguished subject experts, school teachers, and educationists. Each book has an easy-to-read content list that displays all the topics covered in each lesson. Britannica Lessons need not be used in any sequence; students or teachers can go to any section at any time.

Book Features:

  • Indepth knowledge and complete truly understanding of science and mathematics
  • No mug-ups, no burden just browse and learn
  • Minimum expected learning at the respective level for the International Competence
  • Britannica work books with exercise and solutions for the through revision of subject
  • Reviewed and commenced by the distinguished subject experts, school teachers and educationalists.
  • Ergonomic and activity bases learning
  • Helpful to teachers, students and parents
  • Lucid language, simple presentation with attractive printing and binding
  • Suitable and Helpful to ICSE, CBSE, IB, State Board etc.

About the Author(s):
Encyclopaedia Britannica is a leading publisher of information and reference products in print, CD-ROM and web formats. It has the most authoritative and respected Encyclopaedia in the English Language. The Encyclopdia Britannica tradition of trust and commitment to excellence has long provided educational institutions with the tools and assets that stimulate the young minds of today and tomorrow.